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ARR/FTR Market Review

The ARR FTR Market Task Force (AFMTF) will conduct a comprehensive review of the ARR/FTR market design including allocation of congestion rights, FERC objectives, value proposition, and opportunities for enhancements.

Issue Details

Strategic Focus Area: Markets
Issue Status: Evaluation in Progress
Stakeholder Body: ARR FTR Market Task Force
Stakeholder Process Status: Education
Issue Catalyst: Dominion Energy, Exelon, NextEra Power Marketing, PSEG Energy Resources & Trade, Dynegy Marketing & Trade, Vitol, and the Financial Marketers Coalition.
Date Created: 10.16.2019
MC Approval Date:
Target Completion Date: 1.31.2021
Actual Completion Date:
FERC Filing(s): Yes
Agreement Change(s):
Manual Change(s): No
MC Annual Plan: 2020
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There are no governing documents currently associated with this issue