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eDART Forum

The eDART User Group and eDART XML User Group are now known as the eDART Forum and eDART XML Forum.

The eDART Forum discusses potential and future changes to eDART functionality. eDART is a tool that enables generation and transmission owners to submit generation and transmission outage requests electronically.  The eDART XML Forum focuses on data transfer between eDART and member applications using XML. eDART XML allows members to plug their applications directly into eDART.

Facilitator: Chidi Ofoegbu
Secretary: Maria Baptiste

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

User Guide PDF
Charter: eDART Forum | XML Forum PDF
Registration & Training
XML Documentation & Browserless Application  
Migration to Account Manager FAQ PDF 

Meeting Materials

 11.18.2021 - eDART Forum

 11.18.2021 - eDART XML Forum

 9.13.2021 - eDART Forum(Canceled)

 5.11.2021 - eDART XML Forum

 10.6.2020 - eDART XML Forum

 1.14.2020 - eDART Forum - Transmission

 9.9.2019 - eDART User Group

 3.4.2019 - eDART XML Users Group

 11.16.2018 - eDART Users Group - Voltage Schedule

 10.16.2018 - eDART Users Group

 10.16.2018 - eDART XML Users Group

 1.31.2018 - eDART Users Group – Black Start Calculator

 1.30.2018 - eDART XML Users Group

 11.21.2017 - eDART XML Users Group

 5.16.2017 - eDART Users Group Generation

 4.13.2017 - eDART Users Group Generation

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