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Membership Management Community


Through the Applications feature in the Membership Management Community, users are able to view and take action on their membership application process and request authorization for other users in the application process, as well as access knowledge articles to assist users in the process. Our goal is to streamline interactions with PJM’s Member Support Services to save you time and better serve your needs.

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Through the Applications feature in the Membership Management Community, you can:

  • Track the real-time status of your membership application
  • Submit documentation for application
  • Access a repository of articles or answers to previously submitted questions

Contact Management

Through the Contact Management feature, users are able to manage who is representing their company for various member-level roles at PJM. Our goal is to provide a “one stop shop” for members to maintain member contact information for PJM defined roles. The Contact Management feature allows for easy maintenance of contacts and role assignments and a transparent and centralized process for improved data quality. It provides enhanced security by establishing “contact managers.” Authorized contact managers are responsible for creating contacts and assigning roles for their organization.

Through the Contact Management feature, contact managers can:

  • Create contacts and assign these contacts to roles
  • View the contacts and assignments for their member company
  • Edit contact information and role assignments

To designate or update a contact manager, an officer, an authorized representative or maintenance manager for the member must sign in to the maintenance feature to initiate a request. Contact managers have the authority to maintain contacts and member role assignments in the Membership Management Community.

Contact Management: Contact Roles and Definitions PDF

Video Tutorials for Contact Managers

Membership Maintenance

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The Membership Maintenance feature provides an on-line tool for members to maintain and request updates to member information throughout the lifecycle of their membership as well as during the annual recertification period. The Maintenance feature provides enhanced security by restricting access to Authorized Representatives, Maintenance Managers and Officers designated by each Member.

Through the Maintenance feature, authorized users are able to recertify member information during the annual recertification period. This feature will include: Affiliate Disclosure recertification, Sector Selection recertification, Company Account Manager (CAM) recertification, Contact Manager recertification, Principal recertification and the Annual Officer Certification Form.

Through the Maintenance feature, Authorized Representatives, Maintenance Managers and Officers can:

  • Request Corporate Name changes
  • Request Withdrawal of Membership
  • Update Contact Managers
  • Update Company Account Managers (CAM)
  • Request Subaccounts
  • Request Voting Member changes
  • Request Affiliate Disclosure changes
  • Request Related Party changes (Only available to Voting Members in the Electric Distributor Sector)
  • Update Principals (Market Participants only)
  • Initiate Annual Officer Certification Form (Market Participants only)
  • Request to update market participation in PJM Markets via the Market Participation Application process
  • Request a Declaration of Authority

Form of Secretary Certificate PDF - This form is used to designate individuals who will be given access to initiate member-level requests within the Membership Management Community’s Maintenance feature. This form must be notarized. Please submit this form along with the Officer Authorized Representative, and Maintenance Manager Designation Form to

Officer, Authorized Representative & Maintenance Manager Designation Form PDF - This form captures contact information for those listed on the Form of Secretary Certificate. The contact information will be used to set up individuals in the Membership Management Community tool. Please submit this form along with the Form of Secretary Certificate to This form is also used to revoke previously designated Officers, Authorized Representatives, or Maintenance Managers. 

Form of Secretary Certificate FAQs PDF
Annual Member Recertification User Guide PDF
Annual Recertification Officer Certification Form Instructions PDF
Member Maintenance User Guide PDF
Market Participation Form Demonstration WEB