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Emergency Procedures Release Notes

System Requirements

January 2021 Release

Release Dates

Train: 12.22.2020
Production: 1.27.2021

About This Release

This release includes enhancements to the User Profile and Performance Assessment Interval functionality in Emergency Procedures (EP) as well as addition of hierarchy information between EP regions.

New Features

Zone/Region Hierarchy

  • Functionality to view and apply the hierarchy between EP regions

Existing Feature Improvements:

User Profile Enhancements

  • Ability for users to set up profiles and manage preferences for their dashboard view
  • Summary view of profile selections
  • Ability to manage email notifications per profile

PAI Enhancements

  • Enhancements to the PAI functionality and reports resulting from October 2019 PAI events feedback

January 2021 Enhancements

October 2020 Release

Release Dates
Train: 10.6.2020
Production: 10.21.2020

About This Release
This release is to upgrade the Emergency Procedures framework with the updated styling reflected in the other PJM Tools.

New Look
  • Color scheme changed updated to enhance visual clarity
  • Addition of Session Timer; 24-hour display for EP users

Contact: Emergency Procedures Admins