Markets & Operations

PJM Connect

By using PJM Connect, PJM staff and stakeholders can create robust, custom sites to organize projects, initiatives and tasks specific to their needs. They can also organize document submissions, data sets and calendars through the site, which is powered by PJM Connect.

Contact the PJM Connect Admins or the PJM staff owner of your PJM Connect site for questions or to report issues.

Request Access

If you do not already have a PJM account, please create an account through Account Manager

  • When accessing a direct link to a PJM Connect site, you will be prompted with a form to send a request to the PJM Connect Admins. The team will then help facilitate the access approval process.
  • If you do not have a direct link to the site you want to access, coordinate with your PJM staff contact or reach out to the PJM Connect Admins.


Educational Recording 10.30.2019