Markets & Operations

Voting Release Notes

System Requirements

Version 1.5.0

Release Dates

Training: 3.31.2022
Production: 4.7.2022

About This Release

Roster Manager Enhancements - Making it easier for Roster Managers to implement bulk changes to rosters.

Previous Releases

Version 1.4.5

Release Dates
Train: 1.6.2022
Production: 1.13.2022

User Interface Enhancements

  • For increased visibility, the results graph displayed at committee meetings will be enhanced in the following ways:
    • Larger Fonts
    • Pie Chart
    • Colorblind-Friendly Visualization
  • When more than one item is open for Voting, voters will have the ability to skip casting a vote on one of the open questions. For example, Package A, Package B and Package C are open. A voter can submit a vote for Package A and Package C and skip Package B. Skipping Package B will not be considered an abstention.