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Account Manager

Account Manager is a tool used to create accounts and request and grant access to PJM's tools and website.

Production: Sign In | Register
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If your company is not a member of PJM or your company is not listed when registering for an account, request a company account be created.

Release Notes

Acceptable Terms of Use
Data connections should not exceed 600 per minute.

Account Managers Requests (CAM)

Update Voting or Affiliate Member CAM (All Tools)
Update Voting or Affiliate Member CAM (eDART) - must be completed by an Authorized Individual from the company

Other or Non-Member (CAM)
Add/Remove (CAM) or New Company Account
Account Rename Request

Form A1 (PDF) – authorization for non-PJM members/market participants for use of PJM bilateral power contracting Bulletin Board 

User Guides

Annual User Certification PDF  10.18.2022
New User Registration Workflows Quick Guide PDF   4.13.2022
CAM On-Boarding Quick Start User Guide PDF   4.13.2022
Allowlist Overview PDF 4.13.2022
Single User Multi-Account PDF 4.13.2022
User Account Management Quick Guide PDF   7.30.2021
User Merge & User Migration PDF 1.7.2021

Reference Materials

Frequently Asked Questions PDF 4.13.2022
Enhancements Overview 11.11.2020
Enhancements Overview – User Merge & User Migration 12.28.2020


User Certification Overview   6.30.2022
Enhancements Overview - User & System Account Registration  1.29.2021