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Competitive Planning Process
  • The PJM competitive planning process affords non-incumbent transmission developers an opportunity to participate in the regional planning and expansion of the PJM bulk electric system.
  • 2021 SAA Proposal Window
     open4.15.2021  closed8.13.2021
    2020/21 Long-Term Window 1
     open1.11.2021 closed5.11.2021
Planning News from Inside Lines
  • FERC Chair Glick to Speak as PJM Launches Interconnection Policy Workshop Series
    PJM is holding a workshop series to engage stakeholders on national policy issues affecting the interconnection process, beginning with a May 18 session featuring comments from Richard Glick, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Interconnection Policy Workshop series aims to promote communication and dialogue among stakeholders on policy issues that are national in […]
  • New Learning Center Page Explains How PJM Forecasts Electricity Demand
    Predicting the demand for electricity helps ensure that consumers have a reliable supply of power today and in the years ahead. Making these predictions – called load forecasting – is a job PJM does routinely. PJM has launched a new page on its Learning Center that helps explain the concept of load forecasting, which is […]
Queued Generation Fuel Mix
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110,532 MW
61,746 MW
Generation Interconnection Requests by Fuel Type
This data is currently unavailable. PJM is working on addressing the issue.
Queues Timeline
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Active Studies
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Criteria & Guidelines