Approved RTEP Projects
As of 10.4.2018
Supplemental projects are not PJM Board approved.
Competitive Planning Process
  • The PJM competitive planning process affords non-incumbent transmission developers an opportunity to participate in the regional planning and expansion of the PJM bulk electric system.

    2018/19 Long-Term RTEP Window 1
  •  open 11.2.2018  closed 3.15.2019
Queued Generation Fuel Mix
As of 1.29.2019
73,570 MW
Generation Interconnection Requests by Fuel Type
As of 1.29.2019
Active Studies
As of 1.29.2019
Queues Timeline
Criteria & Guidelines
Planning News from Inside Lines
  • New Report Quantifies Value of Transmission A new report released Tuesday, “The Benefits of the PJM Transmission System,” explores the value of new and existing transmission equipment, lines and other assets. The 84,200 miles of high-voltage transmission throughout the PJM system provide benefits that go beyond...
  • PJM States See Big Possibilities in Wind With the likelihood of large-scale off-shore wind generation taking hold in the U.S., coastal states and developers alike are envisioning and planning for a future ocean grid capable of interconnecting large quantities of power into the PJM resource pool, and...
  • Helpful Tools for Your Inner Energy Nerd PJM released its annual Regional Transmission Expansion Plan report last week. The report provides details on many aspects of planning – such as load forecasts, generation and study methodologies – that make PJM tick. But the RTEP report is pretty...