Generator Deactivation Notices

Last Updated: 11.16.2023

Official Generator Deactivation Notices are sent via email to, and include the following required information:

  • Indication of whether the unit is being retired or mothballed
  • The desired Deactivation Date (which must be compliant with OATT Part V, Section 113.1 provisions)
  • If mothballing, a good faith estimate of the time period the generating unit will be out of service

Following receipt of the Notice, PJM will notify the Independent Market Monitor, and also notify the appropriate Transmission Owner(s) of the request with the agreement of the Generation Owner or designated agent. PJM will initiate a preliminary analysis of the request.

The following are the most recent Official Generator Deactivation Notices and PJM responses:

Trent Deactivation Letter PDF
Wagner Deactivation Letter PDF
Warrior Run Deactivation Letter PDF
Parlin: Deactivation Letter | PJM Response PDF
Brandon Shores: Deactivation Letter | PJM Response PDF