Markets & Operations

One-Time Data Requests

PJM receives requests to post data regarding PJM markets or operations. These requests for a one time posting of data may be to support a stakeholder discussion on an emerging issue or in response to another stakeholder need. These one-time postings are made available to all interested parties, and are listed here. Most postings will be available for a period of at least one year.

To make a request for a one-time data posting, please review the guidelines around confidential information in Manual 33 PDF then use the Data Request Form to submit your request. Requests are evaluated against confidentiality guidelines and may not be unduly burdensome for PJM.

Name Description
Available Until
RTO Five Minute Load Forecast XLS
For each five-minute interval (labeled interval ending, time in UTC), the five, ten, and fifteen minute-ahead load forecast for the RTO area for Jan 1 2018 through Apr 30 2019. This will be posted for a period of one year.
May 2020