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March 8, 2019
EKPC Spurlock Area Line Changes
The Spurlock–Renaker, Spurlock-Stanley Parker, Spurlock-Stuart, and Spurlock-Meldahl Dam lines in EKPC zone are scheduled to be out of service in March and/or April 2019 under eDART tickets 797401 and 797407. These outages, in conjunction with tickets 701460 and 701476, are needed for clearance to relocate and decouple the double-circuited Spurlock - Maysville Industrial Tap 138 kV & Spurlock - Flemingsburg 138 kV line segments. The upgrade is under RTEP b2614 which has a required in-service date of June 1, 2019.

eDART tickets 797401 and 797407 are currently not “on-time” due to the timing of the outage submittal. In order to meet the RTEP in-service requirement date of June 1, 2019, these two tickets are marked as emergency outages under Manual-03 Section PJM is approving the outage requests associated with RTEP b2614 upgrade in order to complete the upgrade by the required in-service date.
2019. RTEP Status

For questions, please email Transmission Operations or call (610) 666-8289.

February 14, 2019
Siegfried Substation Rebuild Project (s0958.1)
Project description and topology diagram  (requires additional CEII access)

February 7, 2019
PJM Pseudo-Tie M2M Qualification Preliminary Results
The following document pertains solely to the PJM Pseudo-Tie M2M Qualification Test and contains preliminary results as of February 7th, 2019. Results identify physical external resources that pass the preliminary M2M Qualification Test and do not represent a list of resources that qualify as a PJM Pseudo-Tie resource. Additional criteria and information pertaining to Pseudo-Tie resources can be found on the PJM Dynamic Transfers web page.

M2M Qualification Test Preliminary Results PDF

January 24, 2019
PPL Siegfried Configuration
PPL is in the process of upgrading the Siegfried substation. The work is under a supplemental project to install a new GIS bus. As part of the upgrade, the Siegfried 230/69 transformers are also being replaced with new transformers. Once the new transformers are in service connected to the new 230 kV bus, the old transformers will eventually be removed from service and retired. The work at Siegfried are under various outages posted on the OASIS Outage Information page.


October 1, 2018
AEP Facilities De-rates
AEP has performed a comprehensive review of its transmission facilities ratings within the PJM footprint and determined that certain facilities should be de-rated. Please see the list of affected transmission facilities below. The revised ratings will be effective on October 3, 2018. Please refer to the Ratings Information page for the current ratings in effect for all facilities including these de-rated AEP facilities.

AEP Revised Ratings PDF

February 22, 2018
Spurlock - Stuart & Spurlock - Meldahl Dam 345 kV Line Outages
The Spurlock - Stuart and Spurlock - Meldahl Dam 345 kV lines are scheduled to be out of service from March 20, 2018 to June 12, 2018 under eDART tickets 714775, 715816 and 715014. These outages are needed to reconductor a portion of the Stuart - Spurlock 345 kV line and to replace a wave trap in order to increase the line ratings. The upgrades are under RTEP b2879.1 and b2879.2, which have a required in-service date of June 1, 2018. The projects are expected to provide the rating increases as shown below:

Normal Emergency
Current Ratings 1240 1374
RTEP b2879.1 1240 1532
RTEP b2879.2 1466 1710

 RTEP Status | TEAC Report PDF


The Killen and Stuart owners notified PJM on March 20, 2017 of their plan to deactivate both plants on June 1, 2018. As a result, PJM performed deactivation studies and determined that several system upgrades are required. These upgrades are listed in the RTEP plan with the driver as generator deactivation of the Killen and Stuart plants. The PJM Board of Managers approved these upgrade projects on July 25, 2017. EKPC accepted construction responsibility for project b2879.2 on August 25, 2018 and subsequently submitted the required transmission outages to PJM in September 2017.

Due to the timing of the generation retirement announcement and the development of the planning criteria violation mitigation plan, the required transmission outages could not have been submitted in accordance with PJM’s on-time transmission outage submittal rules as outlined in Manual 3, Section 4. Therefore, PJM is approving the outage requests associated with the Stuart-Spurlock 345 kV line to expedite these particular system upgrades.

For questions, please email Transmission Operations or call (610) 666-8289.


February 13, 2017 - PJM-LINDENVFT Request
Pursuant to the PJM OATT Schedule 16, section 1.7 and 2.1, the Linden VFT Transmission Owner requested study of the transfer capability to the Linden VFT Facility. The request has a commencement date of June 1, 2019 coincident with no allocation to Primary Rights Holders. PJM will post the Linden out service path on OASIS to accommodate this request.


February 25, 2016
PJM/MISO Pseudo-Tied Units Operating Procedure PDF
January 18, 2016 - BGE Rating Methodology Change
On 12.3.2015, BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) implemented a BES rating methodology change. The new rating methodology incorporates relay thermal limitations as part of the facility rating, an industry best practice.
List of facilities affected by this change PDF


November 19, 2015
Correspondence between Consolidated Edison Company of New York and PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. related to existing service agreements and associated reservation priority rights on OASIS.
Transmission Service under Original Service Agreements No. 1873 & 1874 PDF

February 4, 2015 - Keystone #3 500/230 kV Transformer
Keystone #3 500/230 kV transformer was out of service due to a relay operation on 11.3.2014. The transmission owner is still assessing the cause of the relay operation. For the duration of Keystone #3 transformer outage, PJM will take the following actions:

  1. Increase reserve requirement to cover the potential loss of Keystone #1 and #2 units (loss of the Keystone #4 500/230 kV transformer will result in the loss of both Keystone units);
  2. Activate the single contingency loss of Keystone #4 500/230 kV transformer, Keystone #1 unit, Keystone #2 unit, Juniata-Keystone (5004) 500 kV line and Conemaugh-Keystone (5003) 500 kV line.

The Keystone #3 transformer outage may impact the off-cost operation of BED-BLA transfer interface. Transmission owner has identified the cause for the relay operation which took out or service the Keystone #3 500/230 kV transformer. Required repairs and testing to restore the Keystone #3 transformer are expected to be complete by Thursday, February 5, 2015.

On Friday, February 6, 2015 Keystone #3 500/230 kV transformer has been fully restored back in service; and hence single contingency simulating loss of Keystone #4 500/230 kV transformer, Keystone #1 unit, Keystone #2 unit, Juniata-Keystone (5004) 500 kV line and Conemaugh-Keystone (5003) 500 kV line was disabled.