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Forecasted Interface Prices

The following files contain forecasted locational marginal prices produced by the Intermediate-Term Security Constrained Economic Dispatch engine for the selected pricing point at the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM border. These LMPs are provided for informational purposes only to support analysis around the proposed implementation of Coordinated Transaction Scheduling with MISO. These LMPs are not used in market settlements. This data will be posted on a monthly basis until mid-2016, after which IT SCED LMPs may be obtained via Data Miner 2.

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August CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 9.1.2022
July CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 7.7.2022
June CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 7.7.2022
May CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 6.2.2022
April CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 5.5.2022
March CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 4.4.2022
February CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 3.1.2022
January CSV | Accuracy Stats XLS 2.3.2022

2017-2021 ZIP