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Capacity market capability of Energy Storage Resources

FERC directed PJM to file an initial brief in a paper hearing on the Capacity market capability of Energy Storage Resources. To that end, PJM is exploring alternatives to the status quo, called the “10 hour rule”. PJM is open to dialogue with any stakeholder group that proposes a method to calculate the capability of Energy Storage Resources in the Capacity market. PJM must file the initial brief on March 11, 2020.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 10.17.2019
Work begins: 10.30.2019
Target Completion: 3.26.2020
Actual Completion: 3.26.2020

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Market Implementation Committee
Facilitator Levitt, Andrew C.
Subject Matter Expert Levitt, Andrew C.
Problem Statement/
Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst An Oct. 17, 2019 FERC ruling opened a paper hearing under Section 206 of the Federal Power Act to investigate whether the “10 hour rule” for calculating the capability of Energy Storage Resources in the Capacity market is just and reasonable (FERC calls this rule the “minimum run time requirement”, however it is not related to the PJM energy market parameter called “Minimum Run Time”). PJM requested, and FERC granted, an extension of time on the initial brief in the paper hearing until March 11, 2020.
Issue Status Closed
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Agreement Changes Reliability Assurance Agreement
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