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Market Operations Price Transparency

Data and information that provides transparency into the system conditions and operator actions that result in prices and other settlement results such as uplift can aid market participants in understanding the conditions driving those results and build confidence in the market.  Areas to be considered, but not limited to, are transmission constraints, Reliability Assessment Commitment Process (RAC), and conservative operations, both in Day Ahead and Real Time operations.

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Issue initiated: 1.26.2017
Work begins: 2.24.2017
Target Completion: TBD
Actual Completion: TBD

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Market Implementation Committee
Facilitator Dirani, Rami G.
Subject Matter Expert Ciabattoni, Joseph
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Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM
Issue Status Closed
Manual Changes No
Agreement Changes Operating Agreement
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9.7.2018 -Filing-
Docket No. ER18-2401-000  PDF
4.8.2019 -Filing-
Docket No. ER18-2401-002  PDF
6.28.2019 -Order-
Docket No. ER18-2401-002  PDF