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Membership Maintenance

Should you require any of the below noted forms, please contact Membership.

  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Sector Selection

You can update update Member Contacts in Membership Management Community

Company Name Change

In order to change your company name on the PJM Interconnection agreement, you will need to provide four documents to Membership.

  • A cover letter to PJM on your company letterhead giving the new company name and the effective date of the change.
  • A copy of the name change filing certified by the Secretary of State.
  • An updated Affiliate Disclosure form reflecting the new company name.
  • An updated W9 reflecting the new company name.


A PJM member needing to withdraw should send a letter stating the intent to withdraw electronically to Membership.

  • If you are a transmission service customer as well as a member, your letter must indicate if you do or do not wish to continue transmission service once you have withdrawn from membership.
  • If you are terminating both membership and transmission service, the letter should also indicate that your credit should be terminated. Credit will continue to be needed if you continue transmission service alone.
  • Upon the receipt and processing of your withdraw, all company tool access will be switched to "Read Only." Please indicate in your withdraw letter your understanding of this procedure.
  • There is a 90-day waiting period for membership termination to be effective per the Operating Agreement.
  • If your Member company is a Load Serving Entity, please notify all the utilities/EDCs in whose footprint you have served load.

Credit & Financial

Should you require any credit or financial forms they can be found at PJM Settlement, Inc.

Account Access

PJM's Customer Account Manager (CAM) tool provides access to PJM tools.

  • Authorization Form A PDF - startup form for first-time tools participant company (primary account) - required only once.
  • Designation Form B DOC - startup and subsequent changes to designation of Customer Account Manager and additional tools access - required for each request.

Authority for Agents & Consultants

The following DOAs are non-executable samples. To utilize a DOA, please contact PJM Client Management.

Transmission Service Agreements

Should you require any of the below noted service agreements, please contact Membership.

  • Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service (Attachment A)
  • Network Integration Transmission Service (Attachment F) (wholesale load serving entities only)
  • Non-Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service (Attachment B)
  • Retail Load Service Entities (Attachment F-1)

Request Forms

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Benefits of PJM Membership
Enroll for Membership

The Operating Agreement WEB | PDF outlines the rights and responsibilities of PJM Members. Section 11 of the agreement also describes the requirements a party must meet to qualify for Membership.

Requirements for membership

  • Meet the definition of a transmission owner, generation owner, other supplier, electric distributor or end-use customer (learn more about Membership & Sector Selection)
  • PJM Settlement, Inc. has a credit policy that applies to all new applicants, members, market participants and transmission service customers who use services or participate in the PJM Interconnection markets. The policy may be viewed in the Open Access Transmission Tariff WEB | PDF - Attachment Q.
  • The Overview of PJM Credit Policy & Credit Requirements PDF provides a summary of the policy and related procedures.


  • M-33: Administrative Services for PJM Interconnection Agreement WEB | PDF
  • M-34: Stakeholder Process WEB | PDF

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