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Station Service Rates

At the April 17, 1986 Operating Committee (OC) meeting (OC 366-Item 6B), the OC modified a Cost Development Subcommittee proposal to base the subject component of steam unit start cost on the 12-month average PJM off-peak billing rate, updated quarterly. Billing rates have subsequently been replaced by locational marginal prices.

Q1 Reference Letter
2018, 4th Quarter  $30.57/MWh   9.6.2018 PDF
2018, 3rd Quarter $29.92/MWh 6.6.2018 PDF
2018, 2nd Quarter
3.9.2018 PDF
2018, 1st Quarter
12.7.2017 PDF
2017, 4th Quarter
9.19.2017 PDF
2017, 3rd Quarter
6.7.2017 PDF
2017, 2nd Quarter
3.10.2017 PDF
2017, 1st Quarter
12.7.2016 PDF
2016, 4th Quarter $22.59/MWh
9.12.2016 PDF