Committees & Groups

Committees & Groups

Top Level Committees

PJM Interconnection committees and groups are integral to developing and refining PJM’s rules, policies and processes. These groups provide a forum for members to share their positions and resolve difficult issues. Market committees are essential to PJM’s governance structure for administering an open grid and transparent markets.

A collaborative approach – a hallmark of the way PJM conducts business – enhances our ability to maintain grid reliability and ensure robust markets.

Stakeholder Process Resources


The stakeholder process relies on a number of documents to ensure consistency, structure and transparency.

Manual 34: PJM Stakeholder Process WEB | PDF
Committee structure diagram PDF
Stakeholder process quick guides and templates


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Voting: This tool facilitates voting at the Planning Committee, Market Implementation Committee, Markets and Reliability Committee and Members Committee meetings. Learn more about the Voting tool.

Webex: For many committee meetings and training courses, PJM uses Webex in addition to a conference call to enable remote participation. Access the Webex tool.