PJM Certification

PJM has instituted a certification program to promote the reliability of the PJM systems. The certification program was developed to ensure that PJM, transmission owner operators, generation dispatchers, and market participants have a baseline level of knowledge, awareness and familiarity with applicable PJM procedures, tools, tasks, power system operation theory, market concepts and business rules.

The certification program is comprised of two credentials:

The certification program is different from (but complementary to) the existing NERC System Operator Certification Program.  The scope of the NERC program is broad, in order to encompass the skills common to all operating areas within North America, the PJM certification program is specifically focused on the requirements related to participating in the markets and operations of the PJM RTO.  Its goal is to provide PJM members, governmental entities and the public with a measure of confidence by having market and operational participants demonstrate knowledge in PJM’s requirements.

Although the Markets Certification Exam was retired at the end of 2023, those individuals who were awarded the credential will still be able to maintain it through the recertification steps (PDF).

For more detailed information on the PJM operator/dispatcher certification, please see Manual 40: Certification & Training Requirements  WEB | PDF

Apply for a Certification Exam

  1. Complete the online application, providing application information. When filling out the form, enter the applicant name exactly as it appears on the applicant’s primary form of identification.
  2. Upon processing, you will receive a communication from Meazure Learning for set-up of your account and next steps to purchase and schedule your exam.

    Allow up to two weeks for the processing of your application.

For questions, please email Training Support.