FERC Form No. 715

Each utility that operates integrated transmission system facilities rated at or above 100 kV must annually submit FERC Form No. 715, Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report, to the commission.

Form No. 715 fulfills the Federal Power Act requirement to adequately inform potential customers, state regulatory authorities and the public of potential and known transmission capacity constraints, to support the commission’s expanded responsibilities under sections 211, 212 and 213(a) of the Federal Power Act (as amended by the Energy Policy Act), and to assist in rate or other regulatory proceedings.

FERC has determined that to satisfy section 213(b) of the Federal Power Act, potential customers must be able to reasonably anticipate the outcome of technical studies a transmitting utility would perform that assess the availability of transmission capacity to satisfy a request for transmission service.

Therefore, each utility or its designated agent must submit an annual report that includes:

  1. Power flow base cases for its transmission system, or if the transmitting utility belongs to a regional or sub regional transmission planning or reliability organization, power flow base cases for that region or sub region;
  2. System maps and one-line diagrams;
  3. A description of its reliability criteria and transmission planning assessment practices; and
  4. An evaluation under the reliability criteria of the current and future performance of its transmission system.

PJM reports this information to the FERC on behalf of many, but not all, of its transmission owners. PJM and the FERC consider it critical energy infrastructure information (CEII) and will treat it as such. Access to this information can be obtained by submitting a CEII request and non-disclosure agreement, as well as requesting access. Once these requirements have been completed and access has been granted, the information can be obtained on the FERC Form No. 715 Information .