PJM conducts long-range planning studies and analyzes future demands on the transmission system in our region that serves 65 million people. These studies identify changes and additions needed to ensure grid reliability for the future. This process culminates in the PJM annual Regional Transmission Expansion Plan. Visit the PJM Learning Center to learn more about what “planning” means at PJM.

Interconnection Queues

system map is available showing the location of each active and withdrawn interconnection request.

Active and withdrawn generation interconnection requests: ISA, WMPA, etc.
Active and withdrawn merchant transmission requests: ISA

Queue Point

Submit a request for interconnection or uprate to an existing project in the new Queue Point tool.

FERC Order 1000 Implementation

Pre-qualification for designated entity status
RTEP proposal windows

Regional Transmission Expansion Plan

Upgrades and Statuses: Transmission | Queues
Learn more about the development process.

Stakeholder Groups

Regulators:  PJM’s region-wide RTEP process applies planning and reliability criteria over a fifteen-year horizon to identify transmission constraints and upgrades to alleviate them.
Transmission Owners:  Transmission owners and PJM work together to facilitate the coordination of planning and operation of transmission facilities within the PJM region.
Interconnection / Upgrade Requests: PJM administers the process for the interconnection of all new generation and merchant transmission facilities within the PJM footprint.