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New Service Requests
Planning Modeling Submissions (MOD-032)
Generation Deactivations Interconnection Study Statistics - 8.12.2022 PDF
Incremental Auction Revenue Rights Model Development & Analysis PDF

Surplus Interconnection Requests

Surplus interconnection requests are generation projects which will utilize any unused portion of an existing generating facility’s interconnection service established in an existing Interconnection Service Agreement, such that if the surplus interconnection service is utilized, the total amount of interconnection service at the Point of Interconnection would remain the same.

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Public Policy Requirements

The State Agreement Approach detailed in the PJM Operating Agreement, Schedule 6, section 1.5.9  WEB | PDF provides a mechanism whereby a state or group of states can submit a public policy project to PJM to address state-specific public policy requirements, so long as the state(s) agrees to pay all costs associated with the state-selected build-out included in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Order 

On Nov. 18, 2020, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) notified PJM of an Offshore Wind Transmission Order PDF specifying its public policy requirements for offshore wind. The order requested that PJM open a competitive proposal window in 2021 to solicit onshore and offshore project proposals that address New Jersey’s public policy needs. PJM opened a 120 day State Agreement Approach proposal window on April 15, 2021 to solicit proposals. On June 30, 2021, the NJBPU notified PJM of two Board Orders announcing awards of offshore wind generation Solicitation #2 to Ocean Wind II and Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project I.

Point of Interconnection & Associated Injected Amounts 

Location State Transmission Owner MFO MW Energy MW Capacity Notification Date Requested In-Service Date 
Deans 500 kV NJ PSEG 3,100 3,100 930 11.18.2020 2028–2035
Smithburg 500 kV NJ JCPL 1,200 1,200 360 11.18.2020 2028–2035
Larrabee 230 kV NJ JCPL 1,200 1,200 360 11.18.2020 2028–2035
Cardiff 230 kV NJ AEC 900 900 270 11.18.2020 2028–2035