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OASIS Reference

Open Access Transmission Tariff WEB | PDF  
Credit Overview PDF  
Overview of PJM UDS Fail Procedures PDF  
OASIS Transmission Path Source/Sink Values XLS  4.11.2023
Fixed Weighted-Average Aggregate Definitions  
North American Electric Reliability Corporation Tagging - Priority Codes Job Aid DOC  
Long-Term Firm Requests Quick Guide PDF  
PJM Transmission Charges Example PDF
Options for Procuring New Firm PTP Transmission Service PDF


Manual 2: Transmission Service Request WEB | PDF
Holidays & business calendars can be found in the Billing, Settlements & Credit section.


Open Access Transmission Tariff – Attachment A (Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service) WEB & Attachment F (Network Integration Transmission Service) WEB

Available Transfer Capability (ATC) References

Algorithms for Available Flowgate Capability (AFC) & ATC Calculations PDF

Transmission Capability Margins (TRM) References

NERC White Paper: TRM & Their Use in ATC Determination PDF

Planning References

Planning Strawman Required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Order No. 890 PDF
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