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Operations & Transmission Manuals

  • Manual 1: Control Center and Data Exchange Requirements presents requirements for control centers of signatories to the Operating Agreement of PJM. The manual describes the telecommunication linkages to the PJM OI and recommended characteristics of these control center computer systems and the facilities housing these systems. It also summarizes the computer services and systems at the PJM Control Center, the standards for billing quality MWH meters, and meter accuracy standards.
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  • Manual 11: Scheduling Operations provides information on the day ahead and hourly scheduling activities that are performed by the PJM OI and PJM Members. The manual describes the rules and procedures for scheduling resources.
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  • Manual 12: Balancing Operations describes activities that occur in the real-time operation of the PJM and PJM Western Region and also the PJM Energy Market. The Manual describes how the PJM dispatchers manage Capacity Resources and monitor transmission facilities. It also describes how the PJM provides Ancillary Services.
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  • Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements focuses on generator responsibilities as signatories to the Operating Agreement of the PJM Interconnection and related market and operational requirements for connecting to the PJM system.
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Related Fact Sheets

The fact sheets below provide additional information about PJM’s role as a regional transmission organization (RTO), renewable energy in PJM and PJM’s markets.