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Advanced Technology Pilot Program

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PJM embraces innovation and fosters collaboration with other key players in the power industry to explore new and advanced technologies that could shape the future of the industry. Through PJM’s Advanced Technology Pilot program, initiatives and projects can be designed to allow resources, regardless of their capacity, to participate as non-revenue-earning market participants. Alternatively, projects that will participate and earn revenue in the market under existing rules collaborate with PJM to use information gained through the pilot to enhance the quality of its wholesale electricity markets.

The technologies explored through the pilot program have demonstrated value to both PJM and the industry as a whole. For example:
  • PJM provided feedback to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the development of FERC Order 755 (performance-based regulation) as a result of its pilot of a one megawatt battery project (owned by AES Energy Services LLC) that offers regulation service in the PJM market. PJM also used knowledge gained from this pilot project to be fully prepared as the first independent system operator to implement performance-based regulation.
  • PJM also provided feedback to the FERC on the development of FERC Order 745 (Demand Response compensation) based on results from a grid-interactive water heater project with the Steffes Corporation and VCharge’s “SmartBricks” (ceramic brick heaters) that participate in the Regulation Market, among other demand response projects.
  • PJM led the development and early adoption of a regulation signal optimized for fast-responding regulation resources, such as grid-scale batteries, flywheels and water heaters.
  • PJM partnered with IPKeys Technologies and Walmart to conduct one of the first demonstrations of a new Automated Demand Response application, based on new standards (OpenADR 2.0). Through this project, Price Responsive Demand was also demonstrated when a Walmart store’s HVAC system reduced energy consumption in response to simulated high energy prices.

You can read the study results of some advanced technology initiatives and browse other pilot program reference documents.

PJM is always interested in learning about new technologies. If you have a resource that you are in the process of developing or testing and are interested in learning more about PJM’s Advanced Technology Pilot program, please review the application process for new pilots DOC. If you have any additional questions, please contact PJM.