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PJM.com HTTPS Update & Data Feed Retirements

PJM will be performing a security update and retirements on Wednesday, August 15. To enhance security, the PJM corporate website address and subsidiary sites will change from http to https beginning at 5 p.m. At that time, users who still try to access pages that begin with http will be automatically redirected to the new https pages. Users with hardcoded links or screen scraping should update their systems to retrieve from the valid https link. The following sites will be affected by the https update:

  • www.pjm.com
  • annualmeeting.pjm.com
  • www.pjmsettlement.com
  • www.jointandcommon.com
  • learn.pjm.com
  • seminar.pjm.com
  • datasnapshot.pjm.com

PJM introduced a new tool, Data Miner 2, to assist with public data feeds in 2017.  Several feeds hosted on pjm.com will retire after 2 p.m. on August 15. PJM will remove the historic files associated with these feeds from pjm.com and ftp on August 17.  Users are expected to update all data feed retirements XLS to Data Miner 2 feeds.
In addition to the pjm.com feed retirements, the original Data Miner tool will be retired on August 15.  All changes noted above have continued to be announced to PJM members and stakeholders at the Tech Change Forum and other stakeholder meetings.

Tool Updates

Frequently Asked Questions about PJM Tools Security Certificate Replacement PDF
Step-by-step Written Instructions to Download Security Certificates and Install on Java or .NET PDF
Step-by-step Video Instructions to Download Security Certificates and Install on Java or .NET WEB


  • PJM must replace expiring security certificates that creates website trust between stakeholder and PJM systems.
  • Google and Mozilla have announced it is upgrading to Chrome 70 and Firefox 63 in October. These upgrades will cause a security error to be generated to stakeholders trying to access PJM Tools if PJM does not update the certificate.

Stakeholder Impact

  • Once PJM replaces the certificate, stakeholders who use browserless user interfaces to access PJM Tools may receive a security error. Access errors will occur if those who use PJM Tools have not updated the security certificates on their systems as well.

Certificate Replacement Dates

PJM has scheduled the certificate replacement dates for PJM Tools in Train and production (Prod) environments.

  • PJM Tools Train – PJM permanently replaced the security certificates in Train Tuesday, July 31. Testing windows were held July 12, 19 and 26.
  • PJM Tools Production (Prod) – the permanent security certificate replacement will occur Tuesday, Aug. 21. All PJM Tools applications will be updated at 3:30 p.m., except the following applications will switch at the below times:

ExSchedule 2 p.m.
OASIS 2 p.m.
In Schedule 5 p.m.
MSRS 5 p.m.
Power Meter 5 p.m.
eDART 6 p.m.

Members who did not successfully test during the Train certificate exercise and rely on browserless to upload Day-Ahead Market offer or bid data should upload Aug. 23 market day data in Markets Gateway as early as possible following PJM’s security certificate update.

How Can Stakeholders Stay Informed?

  • Information on this page will be updated as available.
  • PJM’s Member Services will send email updates closer to the certificate replacement dates.
  • The security certificates replacement will be discussed at the upcoming Tech Change Forum Tuesday, Aug. 21.

How to Make This Change

  • All the stakeholders who access PJM’s applications via an API (browserless/servicecall) must download and update your certificate trust store with the below Root and Intermediate Authority Certificates.


Key Messages

  • PJM works hard to ensure the security of our stakeholder’s information and aims to create as little disruption as possible for those who do business with us.
  • The certificate replacement is necessary in order for PJM’s stakeholders to have uninterrupted access to PJM Tools.

Supporting Information

If you have questions, please contact PJM’s Customer Service or 610-666-8980.