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Residual Metered Load Pricing

PJM will implement Residual Metered Load Pricing on June 1, 2015. Residual Metered load Pricing is the implementation of a new aggregate pricing point that excludes any load that is priced at a specific nodal price rather than at the zonal price or, if applicable, a fully-metered EDC area. Residual Metered Load Pricing is the use of this residual metered load LMP instead of the physical zone LMP for pricing real-time load. Business rules related to Residual Metered Load Pricing deal with the use of the new residual metered load aggregates as well as calculations of the residual metered load aggregate definitions. These definitions are used in the Day-Ahead Energy Market, Real-Time Energy Market, reconciliation settlement and for Financial Transmission Rights and Auction Revenue Rights modeling.

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MOC Generation Dispatcher
Load Serving Entities/Electric Distribution Co.
Power Marketers/Traders
  • Residual Metered Load Pricing Overview 
  • Residual Metered Load Pricing Market Impacts

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