Impact Study Data

Impact Study Checklist
  1. Impact Study Data Sheet
  2. One-line drawing showing:
    1. Generator Unit(s)
    2. GSU (transformers)
    3. Breakers
    4. Point of Interconnection
  3. Generator or wind turbine model selected
  4. Operating Restrictions or Procedures

    For traditional generators also provide

  5. Generator performance curves
    1. Reactive Capability Curve (D-Curve)
    2. Generator Saturation Curve
    3. Vee Curve
  6. Exciter Model and Block Diagram
  7. Governor Model and Block Diagram
  8. Power system stabilizer model and block diagram

    For wind generators also provide

  9. Wind turbine model for PSS/E
    1. Modeling
    2. Generator Saturation Curve

Data Requirements for PJM RTEP Impact Studies           

Note: Changes to machine capabilities or in-service dates as originally submitted in the Impact Study Agreement (PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff Attachment N) must be formally communicated to the appropriate PJM project manager.

This form is to submit data for proper modeling of your respective Queue Project in the Impact Study phase.

Impact Studies are conducted to identify transmission expansion needed to maintain the system reliability given the addition of your generation on to the network.

The data that is submitted is required to perform the power flow, short circuit and dynamic simulation analyses which are necessary for the Impact Study phase.

PJM uses the following programs to perform the Impact Analysis:


  1. PSS/E from PTI, Inc. (power flow and dynamic simulation)
  2. Aspen from Advanced Systems for Power Engineering, Inc. (short circuit))


Minimum requirement fields are indicated by *

If the final unit specifications are not certain an approximation must be made.

When more information is available, the typical model must be replaced with an “as built” model based on the actual unit purchased.

Generator MW Model

Generator Model


Queue AC2 is a transitional five-month long queue that will conclude on March 31, 2017. Added costs associated with attachment submissions in Month 6 do not apply to this queue. On April 1, 2017, the queues will resume six-month durations.

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