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Form of Screens Process Interconnection Request (For new generation facilities ≤ 2MW (synchronous) or up to 5MW (inverter-based))

This form is used for both electronic and hard copy submittal. Please fill in all the fields and submit. Upon submission, an electronic version of this form will be sent to PJM with all the information you entered. After the electronic version is sent to PJM, the next window will open with instructions for submitting the form to PJM you will see a button to print the document at the bottom of the instruction window use that button to print this document. After printing, sign the bottom of the form and mail to PJM according to the instructions along with any necessary payment. If you should have any questions with this form, please contact System Planning Department at (610) 666-3158.

Queue AC2 is a transitional five-month long queue that will conclude on March 31, 2017. Added costs associated with attachment submissions in Month 6 do not apply to this queue. On April 1, 2017, the queues will resume six-month durations.
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Phone Number:  


Screens Process Interconnection Request
(For new generation facilities ≤ 2MW (synchronous) or up to 5MW (inverter-based))

1.0 Instructions:

Interconnection Customer must submit the Screens Process Interconnection Request to transmission Provider by hand delivery, mail, e-mail, or fax.

2.0 Processing Fee or Deposit:

Interconnection Customer is required to provide the Transmission Provider the applicable deposit. A portion of the deposit is non-refundable pursuant to Section 112A.

The base and initial per MW deposit received will be credited toward the amount of the Generation Interconnection Customer’s cost responsibility pursuant to Section 112A.

Interconnection Customer Information
Legal Name of the Interconnection Customer (or, if an individual, individual's name)
Contact Person:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:  
Facility Location:
(if different from above)
Telephone (Day):  
Telephone (Evening):
E-mail Address:  

Alternative Contact Information (if different from the Interconnection Customer)
Telephone (Day):
Telephone (Evening):
E-mail Address:

Energy Resource Information
Will the Energy Resource be used for any of the following:

Net Metering? 

To Supply Power to the Interconnection Customer? 

To Supply Power to Others?
For installations at locations with existing electric service to which the proposed Energy Resource will interconnect, provide:
Local Electric Service Provider:
Contact Name:
Telephone (Day):
Telephone (Evening):
E-mail Address:
Requested Point of Interconnection:
Interconnection Customer's Requested In-Service Date:
Energy Source:
Hydro Hydro Type (e.g. Run-of-River): 
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil
Other (state type):
Prime Mover:
Fuel Cell
Recip Engine
Gas Turb
Steam Turb
Type of Generator:
Generator Nameplate Rating: kW (Typical)
Generator Nameplate kVAR:
Interconnection Customer or Customer-Site Load: kW (if none, so state)
Typical Reactive Load (if known):
Maximum Physical Export Capability Requested: kW
List components of the Small Energy Resource equipment package that are currently certified:
Equipment Type
Certifying Entity
Is the prime mover compatible with the certified protective relay package?

Generator (or solar collector) Manufacturer, Model Name, and Number:
Version Number:

Nameplate Output Power Rating in kW: (Summer) (Winter)

Nameplate Output Power Rating in kVA: (Summer) (Winter)

Individual Generator Power Factor
Rated Power Factor:


Total Number of Generators in wind farm to be interconnected pursuant to this
Interconnection Request:
  Single phase
  Three phase

Inverter Manufacturer, Model Name & Number (if used):

List of adjustable set points for the protective equipment or software:

Note: A completed Power Systems Load Flow data sheet must be supplied with the Interconnection Request.

5.0 Energy Resource Characteristic Data (for inverter-based machines)
Max design fault contribution current:
or RMS?
Harmonics Characteristics:
Start-up Requirements:

6.0 Energy Resource Characteristic Data (for rotating machines)
RPM Frequency:
(*) Neutral Grounding Resistor (If Applicable):
Synchronous Generators:
Direct Axis Synchronous Reactance, Xd: P.U.
Direct Axis Transient Reactance, X'd: P.U.
Direct Axis Subtransient Reactance, X"d: P.U.
Negative Sequence Reactance, X2: P.U.
Zero Sequence Reactance, X0: P.U.
KVA Base:
Field Volts:
Field Amperes:

Induction Generators:
Motoring Power (kW):
I22t or K (Heating Time Constant):
Rotor Resistance, Rr:
Stator Resistance, Rs:
Stator Reactance, Xs:
Rotor Reactance, Xr:
Magnetizing Reactance, Xm:
Short Circuit Reactance, Xd":
Exciting Current:
Temperature Rise:
Frame Size:
Design Letter:
Reactive Power Required In Vars (No Load):
Reactive Power Required In Vars (Full Load):
Total Rotating Inertia, H: Per Unit on kVA Base
Note: Please contact the Transmission Provider prior to submitting the Interconnection Request to determine if the specified information above is required.

xcitation and Governor System Data for Synchronous Generators Only

Provide appropriate IEEE model block diagram of excitation system, governor system and power system stabilizer (PSS) in accordance with the appropriate regional reliability council criteria. A PSS may be determined to be required by applicable studies. A copy of the manufacturer's block diagram may not be substituted.

7.0 Interconnection Facilities Information
Will a transformer be used between the generator and the point of common coupling? 
Will the transformer be provided by the Interconnection Customer?
Transformer Data (If Applicable, for Interconnection Customer-Owned Transformer):

Is the transformer:

Single Phase
Three Phase
Size: kVA
Transformer Impedance: % on kVA based
If Three Phase:

Transformer Primary:

Wye Grounded

Transformer Secondary:

Wye Grounded

Transformer Tertiary:

Wye Grounded

Transformer Fuse Data (If Applicable, for Interconnection Customer-Owned Transformer):

(Attach copy of fuse manufacturer's Minimum Melt and Total Clearing Time-Current Curves)


Interconnecting Circuit Breaker (if applicable):

Load Rating (Amps) :
Interrupting Rating (Amps):
Trip Speed (Cycles):

Interconnection Protective Relays (If Applicable):

If Microprocessor-Controller:

List of Functions and Adjustable Setpoints for the protective equipment or software:

Setpoint Function
  Minimum Maximum

If Discrete Components:

(Enclose Copy of any Proposed Time-Overcurrent Coordination Curves)

Manufacturer Type Style/Catalog No. Proposed Setting

Current Transformer Data (If Applicable):

(Enclose Copy of Manufacturer's Excitation and Ratio Correction Curves)

Manufacturer Type Accuracy Class. Proposed Ratio Connection

Potential Transformer Data (If Applicable):

Manufacturer Type Accuracy Class. Proposed Ratio Connection

8.0 Diagrams and Site Control Documentation

Enclose copy of site electrical one-line diagram showing the configuration of all Energy Resource equipment, current and potential circuits, and protection and control schemes. This one-line diagram must be signed and stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer if the Energy Resource is larger than 50 kW. Is one-line diagram enclosed?

Enclose copy of any site documentation that indicates the precise physical location of the proposed Energy Resource ( e.g., USGS topographic map or other diagram or documentation).

Proposed location of protective interface equipment on property (include address if different from the Interconnection Customer's address)


Enclose copy of any site documentation that describes and details the operation of the protection and control schemes. Is available documentation enclosed?

Enclose copies of schematic drawings for all protection and control circuits, relay current circuits, relay potential circuits, and alarm/monitoring circuits (if applicable).
Are schematic drawings enclosed?

Provide demonstration of site control through an exclusive option to purchase the property on which the generation project is to be developed, a property deed, or a range of tax or corporate documents that identify property ownership. Site control must either be in the name of the party submitting the generation interconnection request or documentation must be provided establishing the business relationship between the project developer and the party having site control.

Interconnection Customer hereby certifies that, to the best of my knowledge, all the information provided in this Screens Process Interconnection Request is true and correct.
Interconnection Customer    
  Name Title Date