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New Service Requests and data submittal
The forms located at the links below should be used to apply for service under the listed attachments to the PJM Tariff or supply data as requested by PJM. Please select the appropriate link for the service you wish to request or the data you will need to submit. Fill in all required fields as listed in each of the forms and submit. Upon submission, an electronic version of this form will be sent to PJM with all the information you entered. After the electronic version of the attachments is sent to PJM, the next window will open with instructions for submitting the form to PJM (this is not required for data sheet submission). After printing, sign the bottom of the form and mail to PJM according to the instructions along with any necessary payment. If you should have any questions with this form, please contact System Planning Department at (610) 666-3158.

Queue AC2 is a transitional five-month long queue that will conclude on March 31, 2017. Added costs associated with attachment submissions in Month 6 do not apply to this queue. On April 1, 2017, the queues will resume six-month durations.

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