Baseline Reports

PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) assesses both near-term five-year needs of the regional power grid as well as those over a 15 year horizon as well. The results of these “baseline” studies identify needed transmission enhancements for anticipated system conditions and define cost allocation assignment. The five-year baseline then provides a starting point from which the need and responsibility for enhancements to accommodate interconnection requests can be identified.

Integration Baseline Reports

SMECO Baseline Integration RTEP ReportPDF
ATSI & CPP RTEP Baseline Report & Generation Deliverability ResultsPDF 9.16.2016
EKPC Baseline RTEP Report & Generation Deliverability ResultsPDF 1.30.2013
DUKE OH/KY & City of Hamilton Baseline RTEP Report & Generation Deliverability ResultsPDF 1.24.2012

Baseline Assessments

2016PDF 1.9.2017
2015PDF 1.13.2016
2014PDF 1.26.2015
2013PDF 4.9.2014
2012PDF 1.7.2013
2011PDF 4.11.2012