Committees & Groups

Stakeholder Process Quick Guides & Templates

Several templates are available to PJM stakeholder groups, i.e. task forces, subcommittees, and committees, to facilitate the Consensus-Based Issue Resolution process. 

Contact Dave AndersJanell Fabiano or Amanda Egan with any questions.


Template DescriptionsPDF - contains brief descriptions of each and its purpose.
Problem Statement TemplateDOC
Issue Charge TemplateDOC
Charter TemplateDOC
Work PlanPPT
Options and Packages MatrixXLS
Monthly Progress ReportDOC
Final Proposal ReportDOC
Facilitation Feedback Form

Stakeholder Process Quick Guides

Quick Guides are available to explain PJM’s stakeholder process to new and existing members.

PJM Stakeholder Process: New Member Quick GuidePDF
At a Glance: The PJM Stakeholder ProcessPDF