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Gas Electric Senior Task Force

The Gas Electric Senior Task Force (GESTF) was formed by the Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC) on March 28, 2013 and will report to the MRC. The GESTF will focus on the education, exploration and prioritization of gas-electric issues. Once issues are identified and prioritized, the task force will develop specific problem statements for each issue, in order of greatest importance, and seek approval from the MRC. If the problem statements are approved, the group will continue work to develop potential solutions to those issues.

The GESTF is being put on “hiatus” for the near future. The MRC, at its May 25 meeting, approved a problem statement on Gas Fired Unit Commitment Coordination and assigned the work to the Operating Committee (OC).  While the GESTF has discussed the issues in the new problem statement, the operational nature of them needs to be addressed first and that work does not fall within the current scope.  The OC developed solutions to address gas unit commitment issues will have or may have markets/market rules implications to be addressed.  These markets/market rules issues may then be assigned to the GESTF.   Additionally, other work that fits within the GESTF’s scope can be assigned to the group outside of the work the OC is conducting, particularly issues that may arise from the FERC NOPR on gas electric coordination.

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Chair: Sean McNamara
Secretary: Rami Dirani


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