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Bill Notice

Notice of PJM weekly and monthly bill readiness for download in the Market Settlement Reporting System.

Billing Line Item Transfer

This distribution list provides updates on Billing Line Item Transfer application updates. Billing Line Item Transfer replaced the paper transfer process for this transaction. Anyone who uses this tool should be part of this list.

Customer Information

Member and Non-Member Information related to PJM Market and Operations

Inside Lines

Inside Lines is a monthly electronic newsletter targeted primarily to members and provides relevant PJM news.

PJM News Releases

PJM news releases are announcements of newsworthy PJM developments.

PJM Notifications

General PJM Market and Operations Notifications.

Technical Notifications

Announcements of issues or information including outages and upgrades of member-facing systems.

Training Announcements

Announcements of general PJM training programs

Website Updates

This list provides updates on new features and functionality or changes that are happening on PJM’s website,

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the PJM operating and capital budgets before presenting them to the PJM Board for approval.

Market Implementation Committee

The MIC initiates and develops proposals to advance and promote competitive wholesale electricity markets in the PJM region for consideration by the MRC.

Market Monitoring Advisory Committee

The Market Monitoring Unit - Advisory Committee advises the PJM Board on the scope of the annual market monitoring plan and communicates any specific or unique market monitoring recommendations of members. The MMUAC reports to the Members Committee.

Market Settlements Subcommittee

The Market Settlements Subcommittee facilitates the direct communication of settlements-related issues between the PJM Market Settlements Department and PJM customers’ settlement experts. The MSS proposes, discusses and solicits feedback on enhancements to the current PJM Market Settlements business application and data interface. This committee reports to the MIC.

Markets and Reliability Committee

The MRC ensures the continuing viability and fairness of the PJM markets as well as the reliable operation and planning of the PJM grid. The MRC: works with PJM and other committees on matters related to the reliable and secure operation of the PJM system; assures the continued ability of member organizations to operate reliability and economically; ensures the fairness of PJM markets, and; reviews proposed changes to the rules and procedures of the PJM Operating Agreement and the PJM Manuals.

Members Committee

The MC reviews and decides upon all major changes and initiatives proposed by committees and user groups. The MC provides advice and recommendations to PJM on all matters relating to: the safe and reliable operation of the PJM grid; the creation and operation of a robust, competitive, and non-discriminatory electric power market, and; ensuring there is no undue influence over PJM’s operations by any member or group of members.

Operating Committee

The OC reviews system operations from season to season, identifying emerging demand, supply and operating issues. The OC reports to the MRC.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is established under the OC and has the responsibility to review and recommend system planning strategies and policies as well as planning and engineering designs for the PJM bulk power supply system to assure the continued ability of the member companies to operate reliably and economically in a competitive market environment. Additionally, the PC makes recommendations regarding generating capacity reserve requirement and demand-side valuation factors.

Stakeholder Process Forum

The Stakeholder Process Forum reviews and strives to constantly improve the rules and procedures of the PJM Stakeholder Process and Manual-34. It is open to all stakeholders, and active participation is encouraged.

Sub Regional RTEP Committee – Mid Atlantic

The Sub Regional RTEP Committees reviews and provide input on sub-regional RTEP projects and provides recommendations to the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee concerning sub-regional RTEP projects.

Sub Regional RTEP Committee – Southern

The Sub Regional RTEP Committees review and provide input on sub-regional RTEP projects and provides recommendations to the TEAC concerning sub-regional RTEP projects.

Sub Regional RTEP Committee – Western

The Sub Regional RTEP Committees review and provide input on sub-regional RTEP projects and provides recommendations to the TEAC concerning sub-regional RTEP projects.

Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee

The Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to aid in the development of the RTEP.

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Cost Development Subcommittee

The Cost Development Subcommittee reports to the MRC and is responsible for developing, reviewing and recommending to the MRC standard procedures for calculating the costs of products or services provided to PJM when those products or services are required to be provided to PJM at a cost-based rate.

Credit Subcommittee

The Credit Subcommittee discusses and recommends solutions to address credit risk-management issues and credit policy concerns. The CS reports to the Market Implementation Committee.

Data Management Subcommittee

The Data Management Subcommittee supports both the PJM and individual member company winter/summer electrical system model updates. The DMS is the primary point of contact for all issues related to the transfer of modeling data for the electrical system model.

Demand Response Subcommittee

The Demand Response Subcommittee provides input and detailed analysis to the Markets Implementation Committee on demand response specific activities. This committee reports to the MIC.

Dispatcher Training Subcommittee

The Dispatcher Training Subcommittee promotes and enhances the reliability of high-quality system-wide training programs for bulk power system operators and operating personnel within the PJM system. The DTS reports to the Operating Committee.

Reliability Standards & Compliance Subcommittee

The Reliability Standards and Compliance Subcommittee provides a common platform for PJM and its member companies to discuss and collaborate on North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or NERC, and regional standards, compliance issues, and the production and evaluation of quality evidence of compliance.

Reserve Adequacy Analysis Subcommittee

The Resource Adequacy Analysis Subcommittee reviews the modeling and analysis techniques used in the annual Reserve Requirement Study and Capacity Emergency Transfer Objective studies. The RAAS reports to the PC.

System Operations Subcommittee

The Systems Operations Subcommittee ensures the implementation of all system reliability functions. It recommends revisions to PJM operating principles, practices and procedures to assure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of PJM. The SOS reports to the OC.

TO/TOP Matrix Subcommittee

The TO/TOP Matrix Subcommittee ensures the PJM TO/TOP Matrix is up to date with the current NERC Reliability Standards applicable to PJM as the Transmission Operator. The Matrix is intended to clarify the assignment of tasks based on the unique relationship between PJM and its Member Transmission Owners as defined in the Transmission Owners Agreement and Operating Agreement and described in detail in various PJM Manuals. The Matrix is simply a cross-reference to indicate where the assignment of various reliability tasks is documented. The TTMS reports to the Transmission Owners Agreement – Administrative Committee.

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User Groups

eDART User Groups

The eDART User Group discusses potential and future changes to eDART functionality. eDART is an Internet application that enables generation and transmission owners to submit generation and transmission outage requests electronically.

eDART XML User Groups

The eDART XML User Group focuses on data transfer between eDART and member applications using XML. eDART XML allows members to plug their applications directly into eDART.

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Task Forces

Cap Review Senior Task Force

The Cap Review Senior Task Force was founded in May 2014 to analyze and review generation energy market offer caps, as directed by the Markets and Reliability Committee.

Energy Market Uplift Senior Task Force

The Energy Market Up-lift Senior Task Force will evaluate causes for energy market uplift charges, develop ways to minimize them while maintaining prices that are consistent with operational reliability needs, and explore new methodologies for the allocation of make-whole payments as directed by the MRC.

Financial Transmission Rights/Auction Revenue Rights Senior Task Force

The FTR/ARR Senior Task Force will evaluate causes for FTR underfunding and determine whether enhancements can be made to the current ARR and FTR processes to improve FTR funding levels as directed by the MRC.

Gas Electric Senior Task Force

The Gas Electric Senior Task Force was formed by the MRC. The GESTF will focus on the education, exploration and prioritization of gas-electric issues.

Intermittent Resources Task Force

The Intermittent Resources Task Force was formed to address market and/or operational issues specific to intermittent resources. The IRTF shall address intermittent resource related issues as are assigned to it by the MRC and/or MIC.

Phasor Data Quality Task Force

The Phasor Data Quality Task Force’s primary responsibility will be improving phasor data quality so that it can be reliably incorporated into operational decision making. Goals of the group will include documenting an approach, error rate percentage, and timeline for achieving production grade phasor measurement unit or PMU data quality. The group members should be familiar with their phasor systems,details of how they work, settings, and tools used to dig deeper into issues. The PDQTF reports to the OC.

Regional Planning Process Task Force

The Regional Planning Process Task Force evaluates and makes recommendations to the MC to reform the present interconnection queue and study process.

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PJM Tools

Account Manager

Account Manager is the replacement tool for Customer Account Manager. People that utilize the tool as an admin should be part of this list to receive application updates.

Bulletin Board Users

Bulletin Board facilitates power contracts and is sponsored by the ISO/RTO. Anyone who has access to this tool should be part of this list to receive application updates.

Data Miner

Notifications of training and enhancements for users of the Data Miner tool.

Data Viewer User Group

Data Viewer is the replacement tool for eData. People that utilize the tool should be part of this list to receive application updates.


eDatafeed is used by members to receive real-time markets and operations data. Anyone who has access to eDatafeed should be part of this list to receive application updates.

eRPM Application Users

The eRPM Application Users list is a distribution list for eRPM users to receive important eRPM-related communications.

eMKT User Group

As part of ongoing efforts to refresh eTools, PJM will be refreshing the eMKT application. eMKT will be renamed to Markets Gateway in 2015. This user group is for stakeholders interested in learning more about the eMKT technology refresh.

External Energy Scheduling

Notification of maintenance, rule changes, etc. for users of the Enhanced Energy Scheduler tool.


InSchedule is used by members to place their internal PJM energy schedule data. Anyone who has access to InSchedule should be part of this list to receive application updates.

Online Tools Refresh Project

The Online Tools refresh project is currently refreshing all the PJM suite of tools applications. Members of this list will receive project updates.

Power Meter

Power Meter is the replacement tool for eMTR and is used by members to enter hourly tie and generator values, and calculates the participant's actual interchange energy amounts to be used for real-time energy market settlements. Anyone who has access to this tool should be part of this to receive application updates.

Resource Tracker

The Resource Tracker tool provides generation owners a single view of generator ownership information. Anyone who has access to this tool should be part of this to receive application updates

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