Capacity Performance for Capacity Sellers

The PJM Capacity Performance for Capacity Sellers course provides participants (Generation Owners, Curtailment Service Providers, and Energy Efficiency providers) necessary detail to participate in the Reliability Pricing Model under a Capacity Performance design. The course will focus on updates to RPM as it effects participation in the 2018/19 Base Residual Auction and the 2016/17, 2017/18 Transitional Auctions. The Capacity Performance for Capacity Sellers course will provide details on participation and obligation as a Capacity Performance and/or Base Capacity Resource, Non-Performance Charge / Bonus Performance Credit Assessment, and credit requirements for planned resources.

Course Details

  • Introduction to Capacity Performance
  • Participation as a CP/Base Resource
  • Obligations of CP/Base Participation
  • Must Offer & Market Power Mitigation
  • Performance Penalty Rate Calculation
  • Performance Penalty Stop Loss
  • Settlement Examples
  • Submitting Coupled Offers


There is no charge to PJM Members. Non-Members are charged a nominal fee. Please contact for more details.