eMKT Updates for Economic Load Response

Effective April 28, 2009 all Economic Load Response offer data will be entered into the eMKT software. This represents a significant change to current procedures of entering the data into the Load Response Application. Going forward, the eMKT software will be the single repository of all supply offers for generation resources, demand response resources, and virtual increment transactions. In addition, this change is a precursor to transitioning to a new legacy system for Demand Side Response (DSR) participants during mid-year 2009.

This eMKT Update course will provide the participants the necessary information to navigate the eMKT software, enter Economic DSR bid data, view portfolios, and make hourly updates.

Course Details

In Person
Topics covered include:
1- Economic Energy Participation in eMKT (Self Schedule, Day Ahead Market, PJM Real Time Dispatch)
2- Entering Bid parameters in eMKT including: Strike Price, Time to Reduce, Shutdown Cost, Minimum Down Time.
3- Portfolio Creation in eMKT
4- DSR Schedules Overview in eMKT
5- Adding Bid details in eMKT
6- eMKT go live date in April 28, 2009.
Intended Audience: Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) and other participants and/or scheduling agents that submit offer data (price schedules, resource parameters, availability) for Economic Load Response participants.

Prerequisites: It is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of the PJM Economic Load Response program and an understanding of incremental offer curves, PJM grid operations, Locational Marginal Pricing, and PJM dispatch procedures.

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There is no charge to PJM Members or Governmental Entities. Non-Members are charged a nominal fee. Please contact Training Support for more details.