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Training Material

Training materials for our core curriculum training classes are provided below. To download training materials, please select the appropriate PDF link under each heading. To view the course page for any of the listings below, please select the course title in bold.

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Core Curriculum

ARR & FTR Annual Training

PJM ARR & FTR Training WEB 2.2020
PJM ARR & FTR Training PDF 2.2020

Demand Response

2019 Timelines for Test Events & Add Backs PDF 4.2020
Demand Response Overview PDF 10.2020
Demand Response Sell Offer Plan & Demand Response Auction Set Up Training PDF 11.2019
Residential Measurement & Verification PDF 2.2019
Economic Demand Resource in:
Energy Market PDF 10.2020
Ancillary Service Market PDF 11.2020
Markets Gateway PDF 11.2020
Markets Gateway - Examples XLS 12.2019
Load Management (Emergency/Pre-Emergency Demand Response):
June Training PDF 6.2020
In Capacity Market PDF 9.2020
Registrations PDF 12.2019
Price Responsive Demand
In DR Hub and Markets Gateway PDF 5.2020

Electrical Theory

Mathematics Review PDF 5.2018
Impedance PDF 5.2018
Power Principles & Phase Angle PDF 5.2018
Transformer Theory PDF 5.2018
Power Flow on AC Transmission Lines PDF 8.2020
Generator Theory PDF 5.2018


Locational Marginal Pricing PDF 7.2017

Load Service Entity

LSEs in PJM PDF 3.2019
PJM Settlement Inc. for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Peak Load Contribution, Network Service Peak Load & Total Hourly Energy Obligation Parameters PDF 3.2019
Transmission Service for LSEs PDF 3.2019
System Operations for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Capacity Market for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Locational Marginal Pricing for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Energy Market for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Auction Revenue Rights & Financial Transmission Rights for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Ancillary Services for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Operating Reserves for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Other Services for LSEs PDF 3.2019
Load Response for LSEs PDF 3.2019

Market Efficiency

Market Efficiency Study Process and RTEP Window Project Evaluation Training PDF 10.2020

Market Settlements 101

PJM Settlement Inc 2019 PDF 6.2019
Credit Training 2019 PDF 6.2019
PJM Billing Process 2019 PDF 6.2019
PJM Settlement Tools PDF 8.2020
Revenue Date for Settlements PDF 6.2019

Market Settlements Advanced

Energy Market Settlements PDF 6.2019
Day Ahead Scheduling Reserve Settlements PDF 6.2019
Synchronized & Non-Synchronized Reserve Settlements PDF 6.2019
Regulation Settlements PDF 8.2020
Operating Reserve Settlements PDF 9.2019
FTR-ARR PDF 6.2019
RPM PDF 6.2019
Generator BLI PDF 6.2019
Load BLI PDF 8.2020
Transmission Service Settlements PDF 6.2019
External Transactions BLI PDF 7.2019
Internal Bilateral Transactions BLI PDF 7.2020
Virtual Transactions BLI PDF 9.2019
Load Response Settlements PDF 6.2019
Load Response Resource BLI PDF 6.2019

NERC Standards Training

NERC Primer PDF 10.2016
BAL Standards PDF 10.2016
VAR Standards PDF 10.2016
COM Standards PDF 10.2016
INT Standards PDF 10.2016
FAC Standards PDF 10.2016
EOP Standards PDF 10.2016
IRO Standards PDF 10.2016
PER Standards PDF 10.2016
NUC Standards PDF 10.2016
TOP Standards PDF 10.2016
PRC Standards PDF 10.2016
CIP Standards PDF 10.2016

PJM 101: The Basics

PJM 101: The Basics PDF 8.2019


Interconnection Service Agreement (ISA) Education
Pre-Queue Education
System Planning 201 PDF 11.2020

Power System Elements

System Loads PDF 6.2019
Transmission Facilities PDF 6.2019
Generation Unit Basics PDF 6.2019
Relay Applications PDF 6.2019

Regulation Market

Regulation Market PDF 3.2020
Resource Commitment and Response PDF 11.2018
Resource Clearing and Compensation PDF 11.2018
Three Pivotal Supplier Test PDF 11.2018
Clearing Price PDF 11.2018
Performance Score PDF 11.2018
Benefits Factor PDF 8.2019
Mileage vs. Mileage Ratio PDF 11.2018

Reserve Market

What are Reserves? PDF 12.2017
Requirements for Participation PDF 12.2017
Resource Types PDF 12.2017
Reserve Offers PDF 12.2017
Resource Commitment, Clearing & Pricing PDF 11.2018
Performance Measurement & Compensation PDF 11.2018
Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserves PDF 3.2018

RPM 101

Overview of RPM PDF 10.2018

RPM 201

Participation in RPM Auctions PDF 10.2018

RPM 301

Performance in RPM PDF 10.2018

Shortage Pricing

What is a Reserve Shortage? PDF 8.2018
Triggers PDF 12.2017
Examples PDF 12.2017

System Restoration Workshop

System Restoration Workshop PDF 9.2019