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PJM is consolidating its publicly available data into the Data Miner 2 tool.

Much of the public data posted by PJM is now available in Data Miner 2. The data in Data Miner 2 will be retired from the legacy locations on the website in August 2018 to give PJM members time to update their systems and processes that use PJM data. Due to the five-minute settlements initiative ordered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as part of Order 825, PJM has retired the locational marginal pricing flat file feeds. This data is now only available in Data Miner 2.

If you cannot find the data you are seeking, PJM may still be in the process of converting the data. The Data Directory provides a searchable list of the legacy data and locations.

Unavailable Data

In general, PJM may not post or disclose confidential data and other types of data may be restricted by other regulations. This includes:

  • Individual Generator Output: The output of an individual generator is considered confidential, including output at a single point in time, over an hour, over a year, etc.
  • Nodal Load: The load at an individual location (node, pricing node, etc.) is considered confidential, including load at a point in time, over an hour, over a year, etc.
  • Capacity Commitments: Any commitments in the RPM Capacity Market are confidential.
  • Individual Generator Outages: Individual generator outages are generally considered confidential. PJM only releases aggregated information on such outages.
  • Individual Generator Offers: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requires that PJM post all supply offers on a four month delay. These offers are masked to prevent identification of individual generators. Any unmasked or more detailed information in considered confidential.
  • Locational Data (including latitude/longitude data): Specific locations of facilities on the electric grid are considered Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and this information is subject to FERC regulations. PJM does not distribute coordinate data for stations, generators, pricing nodes, etc. PJM does not distribute shape files containing the locations of facilities or transmission lines.

These are examples of the most commonly requested confidential or restricted information. Manual 33 WEB |  PDF, section 3.1 provides more information on the confidential information. PJM members may submit a data request via the Data Request Form to request a one-time data posting. Such postings are available on the One-Time Data Requests page.