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Grid 20/20: Focus on Energy Demand

June 3, 2014

Grid 20/20: Focus on Energy Demand


audience grid 2020Electricity sales in the United States are currently experiencing an unprecedented decrease in growth.  The deviation from historic demand growth has implications for everything from future power market outcomes to effectiveness of environmental policies.  This trend is drawing the attention of industry professionals and other interested stakeholders who want to understand the causes of slowed growth as well as the outlook for future growth.  Some experts point to the lingering effects of the most recent recession while others attribute declining demand to increases in energy efficiency mandates, stringent building and appliance standards, and other trends and emerging technologies such as distributed generation.  This event fosters collaborative discussion to better understand this changing environment and inform decision making going forward.

Grid 20/20: Focus on Energy Demand

Key Topics

Grid 20/20: Focus on Energy Demand will use a series of panel discussions to elicit viewpoints on:

  • A History of Demand Growth
  • Impact on Energy Demand: Economic and Demographic Trends
  • Impact on Energy Demand: Programs and Technology
  • U.S. Energy Demand: What Can We Expect Going Forward?