PJM 101: The Basics

PJM 101: The Basics is a one-day overview course introducing participants to PJM's markets and operations models. This course includes presentations on the PJM markets and system operations, market settlements, capacity and transmission expansion planning. This course is designed for those new to PJM who need to understand the basics of the regional transmission organization.

Course Details

General/Government/Consumer Groups
MOC Generation Dispatcher
Load Serving Entities/Electric Distribution Co.
Power Marketers/Traders
Transmission Owners/Operators
In Person
  • Introduction and PJM Governance
  • Generation Control
  • Transmission Services
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Energy Markets and Congestion Hedging
  • Two Settlement
  • Transmission Services
  • Ancillary Services
  • Regional Planning Process
  • Market Settlements

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There is no charge to PJM Members or Governmental Entities.  Non-members are charged a nominal fee.  Please contact Training Support for more details. All training materials will be provided.